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    (内排绕)NRB-2/4型 多极定子自动排绕机


    NRB-4 Multi-pole StatorCoil Auto-winding Machine




    This machine is used in the frequency conversion motor, the brushless DC motor multi-pole stator winding winding, can enameled wire directly into the stator slot. It adopts Mitsubishi PLC control, color touch screen to modify parameters, four-position device, servo motor winding, flywheel winding angle can be flexibly adjusted according to stator thickness, slot number and embedded wire clearance, reliable work and high production efficiency.

    技术参数/Technicai Parameters

    电源电压Supply voltage

    AC220±10% 50Hz

    气源压力Air pressure


    可绕线径Wire range


    定子外径Stator OD

    ≤Φ120mm  / ≤Φ90mm

    定子内径Stator ID


    槽口宽度Slot width


        特殊规格可定制Special specifications can be customized

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